How to build a strong team culture in coworking space?

How to build a strong team culture in coworking space?
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Co-coworking spaces have many advantages when it comes to increasing productivity. Why Co-Working Spaces are key to productivity and Potential. However, being in a shared space can also be a little tricky and can make it challenging to build a coherent team culture. Which is why you need to consider doing to create a sustainable and scalable company culture.

Start with your mission and values

The key to success is to ensure that your team knows what they are doing. To ensure a lasting impact, a company’s culture must be directed by values and it’s a mission. Your mission statement is a short, written statement about your company’s goals, philosophy, functions, markets, and competitive advantage—it’s supported by your values. These direct how you implement that mission and navigate ambiguity by defining what is most important to your company.

Having a well defined Mission and Values will ensure that your team knows their purpose, even if you are in a space with many other companies in various sectors. If you have a private office, if you have a private office within your coworking space, you could create a poster with your mission and values to post on the wall, Or even if you don’t put them in Open FIxed Area, let your community know about your values. 

Be deliberate about community-building events and team recognition

Coworking spaces are popular in part because they provide amenities, whether it’s free coffee or unlimited high-speed internet or not having to worry about admin work, or networking and community events; however, planning your own events and creating company traditions can help form the basis of your unique company culture; one that’s separate from your coworking space and it’s extremely easy in decent co-working space.

Create regular opportunities for team members to connect outside of your office. These can be guided by your mission and values and could include a regular weekly coffee break or team meal, a monthly happy hour, or an annual day of volunteering.

Also, make sure your team feels connected by regularly highlighting employee accomplishments and contributions. Create time during team meetings for shout outs and appreciation, make a plan for how you celebrate team birthdays and anniversaries, and create branded employee gifts that also contribute to a sense of identity.

Collect ideas and feedback from your team

Creating culture should be a collective effort. A strong culture is responsive to employee interests and ideas because when your colleagues feel heard, they are more likely to engage with your culture and feel like they’re part of the team.  

Even if your team is small, work together to get them engaged in the culture-building process. To do so you can:

  1. Solicit ideas for culture building in team meetings or via a quarterly culture survey to learn more about your team
  2. Form a “culture committee” with representatives from different departments, to get team input, and help with planning cultural activities

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