The New Normal – How YesssWorks Is Planning For The New Normal

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How YesssWorks Is Planning For The New Normal

At YesssWorks, we are constantly committed to providing our community with the best possible solutions. We understand that the current pandemic situation is unprecedented and coming to a co-working space can be an uncertain decision to make, as you come in contact with multiple people and share work areas. With your safety being our top priority, we are pleased to introduce various crucial precautions – making our premises safe and hygienic for everyone: coworkers, staff, and visitors, alike.

  1. Safety & sanitizing round the clock

The virus, being contagious, spreads when in contact with an infected person. We will be closely working with the building management on uniform norms to be followed by everyone at the campus. Signages and posters will be placed across the premises to educate and to ensure recommended guidelines are followed. Each and every member of the staff has been trained in hygiene values. Sticking with ‘contact-less sanitization’, we have specially installed a no-touch sanitizer machine that will help you sanitize your hand with zero contact with the equipment.

  1. Daily sanitization of the entire hub in the morning before arrival and in the night after the community leaves for the day
  2. While gloves and masks will be a mandate, a temperature check through infrared thermometer of the staff and members will be done every day. Individuals only with a body temperature below 37.5 °C will be allowed to enter
  3. Given the mechanism of a co-working space has constant shuffling of people between rooms, regular sanitization of all touchpoints will be a round-the-clock priority.
  4. Our active ground staff will ensure sanitization of the premises including the doorknobs, meeting rooms, conferences, and the pantry along with the air conditioners, access controls, routers, and all electrical appliances.

We have also prepped the team to deal with a potentially positive case(s) through:

  1. Preparing quarantine rooms
  2. Prominent display of contact information of local hospitals and COVID relief authorities
  3. Disinfection and thorough cleaning of all surface areas

We have stocked our spaces with an appropriate supply of cleaning solutions, gloves, thermometer guns, sanitizers, and masks. Sanitizers and hand wash are easily accessible across our premises.

Taking further care, we have also installed special bins for our members and the staff to dispose of any form of biowaste.

2) Maintain your distance

One of the best ways to protect ourselves during this pandemic is social distancing:

  1. Avoid hugging or even hand-shakes for the time being and greet each other the ‘Namaste Way’.
  2. The use of the staircase rather than the elevators will be encouraged as a good practice to stay healthy.
  3. Be conscious of touching your face, hair, arms, or any exposed area of the skin.
  4. Alternate seat occupancy at workstations so that no two people are sitting next to each other and no two people are facing each other
  5. In order to follow guidelines of social distancing, we have decided to not allow more than 3-5 occupants in the conference/meeting room
  6. Allow flexible lunch timings with time slots for each company so as to avoid crowding at the pantry

We as a community must carry the responsibility of our own hygiene, health, and safety.

3) Technology to the rescue

Through real-time updates from the Aarogya Setu app, we will be in constant virtual touch with our broader community on news of COVID. We are also in the process of updating our YesssWorks app to ensure that technology can help us at this hour of need. The app will:

  • Include safety guidelines and emergency contact matrix
  • Allow for booking Cafeteria spaces to avoid crowding and real-time washroom usage info to avoid queuing
  • Minimize proximity through contact-less coffee ordering, touchless payments through e-wallets, etc.

With these precautions in place, we are completely ready to welcome you back.

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