Why Co-Working Spaces are key to productivity and Potential

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Between new channels and methods of communication, automation and the changing value proposition of the office, the very concept of the workplace continues to evolve faster than the time to take to finalize the simple Marketing strategies. A lot of it goes down to evolving attitudes and how we measure productivity and success. Not so long ago internship in Data mining was valued more than a full-time development job. Now, the new generation would never know how much fun it was to organize a simple data to find patterns and implement machine learning on it.

These days it’s less about worrying what the clock says and more about getting things done. But how? Where could go all in to get the “job done”? “The Office!” The right answer, to begin with, but at what cost? Yes, you could go all in to optimize your company’s office for differing work styles, but this is beyond hell expensive, both in money and headache that you might have to endure and I am certain, there is another way because I am offering you one.

Re framing the Flexible Work Debate

Even though according to Clutch.co over half of the workers still complete their job at traditional brick and mortar offices, I have compelling reasons to say that those days are numbered and for a good reason. The data also suggests that over 54% of employees who have multiple workspace options believe that they are more productive when they take their work offsite. This shouldn’t surprise you since our brains are wired to appreciate novel stimuli, which is why stepping outside of ordinary is so good for productivity.

This secret was long uncovered by technology giants Google and Apple and which is why they embraced the campus that would meet their employee needs holistically. But what about the remaining? Do you have the economies of other countries in your company’s valuation? 

Today most companies need both formal and informal work-from-home policies giving employees over where they spend their workday. While this offer is welcome, it’s not a one-size-fits-all fix. Face to face interaction is always going to win over any online discussion or any high tech collaboration. And in big cities like Mumbai where people don’t have Home “home”, how are they going to afford Home “offices”? You need to keep the line between home and work from blurring. And yet, just as there’s more to being a good employee than just showing up, sometimes you can be a more productive employee by not showing up at all (to the office, that is).

So how can “Not so big” technology companies give their teams the most conducive working environment without putting a huge hole on their bank accounts?   

Enters Co-Working Spaces 

The bridge between Coffee shops/home and Offices, Co-working spaces cater to different work styles and functions and can give your company a campus-like feel without having to dig deep into your vaults. The concept isn’t reinventing electricity but more about taking the coffee shop experience on a workday afternoon and making it work for everyone. 

Co-working isn’t about providing desk and chair but more providing a comfortable zone that would enable a great working environment. Your home away from home AND work, at YesssWorks we cater to different moods and work ethics and give you an integrated atmosphere seconded by none. 

At YesssWorks you can have that coffee place feel when you need a place to decompress between meetings, a quiet space to focus, or just a change of scene. This is one application. According to Hilton Worldwide, two-thirds of respondents stated that they felt they were more productive when their conferences were conducted off-site instead of in the office. Access to a reservable, dedicated out-of-office meeting space with top amenities in a great location can be a boon for effective collaboration and impressing clients.

Co-working Spaces can be integral to Wellness too. Imagine a place where you go every day, where you can play, focus, program or do the calculus if you need to or just look at the people hustling around you. 

Krishna Patil, Solopreneur, blogger, and founder of Hak Se bol has worked out of YesssWorks co-working at Andheri office over the past few months.

“Being a solopreneur is a hard task. From acquiring clients to finally giving a fully satisfied service would mean, I would be juggling on the various task at different points of the day.”

“This is when office space comes into the frame, I can play, talk, have a coffee or just sit and let office space change my mood magically before I switch to client closing mode to fully committed technical person mode.” He added. 

Welcome the Yesss vibe.

Yesssworks is the Co-working space at the heart of the Financial capital of India, having its offices in Mumbai and Pune. In a country where entrepreneurship is on the rise, most people prefer small business or home-based businesses which is great because it contributes to the economy and generates employment as well as lovely and low risk in terms of cost. Co-working spaces like YesssWorks can provide that bridge. 

Co-working is not just about providing Desk and Chair. We build community. The growth of that community is dependent on the members of that community. This is why it is different from Offices to offices but there is always ‘Growth’ and it is very much visible.

The fact is that employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity all suffer when there are limited options for settings that best suit people’s needs and preferred work styles. So which is at YesssWorks we believe giving an integrated campus to companies of all the sizes and building an office space that would foster growth, collaboration, face-to-face interaction, quiet solo work, and wellness are what the workforce is demanding, and, happily, they are available at five locations near you.

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