Work-Life Balance – The Importance of Office in an Individual’s Life

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Office, Sounds like such an old term right? Given the current scenario, many individuals have had to work from home and many of us are still adjusting to the ‘new normal’ regulations provided to us by our respective organizations. But why are we facing such an issue even though we have to work from the comfort of our home? What seems to be the disconnect?.
An office is an area of business and a place of execution to meet the company’s goal. It is an epitome of organized culture irrespective of the infrastructure involved.

Rules and regulations for all the employees are standard and a protocol is followed right from the top of the hierarchy to the junior-most individual.

In the current scheme of things, there’s been a hot debate between traditional office and work-from-home. Companies have been trying to solve this issue since ages as multiple reports released every year, state how the work culture at the office is hampering an employee’s productivity value. To increase productivity amongst its individuals, companies rely on various culture and confidence-building activities methods to help the employee perform at their highest level, advance their growth, and relieve stress. Over the years, we’ve seen a shift from a typical office environment to a new one. For instance, who would have thought of having a fancy cafe themed canteen/pantry in their office? Or a game of table tennis or a PlayStation facility? Or even a relaxation room, where you can detach yourself from the chaos for a few minutes of peace to gather your thoughts?

Even though there are certain advantages of Working From Home, we often undermine the value of an office in our life.

Value of Discipline – 

When you work in an office environment, the discipline of timeliness is instilled in you through activities such as arriving on time or meeting deadlines. Through positive reinforcement or penalties, an office environment helps us to maintain discipline in our lives. We continue to use these skills beyond our office environment in our everyday life.  

Develops Professionalism – 

An office environment helps us set a tone even encouraging appropriate behavior. There is a certain decorum that is required to maintain it. Professionalism isn’t just defined through your attire but it also involves your overall personality. You learn to interact with people better, craft formal communications, on how to add value to your team and the company. Believe it or not, humans do learn from their peers as our work ethic improves significantly, we get better in our ability to manage work and more importantly learn how to adapt to different people.

Develop a high sense of motivation –

Expanding on the previous point, observing our peer’s work helps us stay motivated. Great managers help their teams accomplish various important tasks through encouragement and guidance. No matter how much we want to deny this, we do have to acknowledge the fact that our managers and colleagues help us perform better and excel at work.

Develop into a Team-player –  

We, humans, are social beings. Irrespective of whether we’re introverts or extroverts or ambiverts (a combination of both), we cannot survive without each other. Being a team player is a skill developed by working in concert with each other. Being in a space with hundreds of teams functioning together, you learn to adapt to different people and contribute towards a common goal/ambition.

Maintain Work-Life Balance – 

Home is a designated place to unwind after a day’s work. We create our homes in a manner where we can relax. Our homes aren’t designed for work purposes. We may not have all the necessary tools needed to execute certain tasks. An office also helps us with focusing on our tasks to be executed whereas we all know when in the environment of home, we tend to have far more distractions than we can afford.

These are just a few reasons as to why an office space is important in an individual’s life. These may differ from people to people and not necessarily be implied to every individual.

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At this time of crisis, we hope every person reading this is taking care of themselves and taking all the necessary precautions to keep harm at bay.Stay safe.

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